Community Challenge

Community Challenge attendees participating in an outdoor game

Quality outcomes for better places

In June 2018, the Greater Sydney Commission and the Government Architect NSW enlisted some bright minds from across the three cities for our latest Community Challenge - Quality outcomes for better places. The event explored how we can create great places across our three cities and identified key urban design and place-making challenges and opportunities in Greater Sydney.

In the lead up to the day, staff from the Commission visited some of Greater Sydney's great places to speak with members of the community about what makes them "great", with examples such as libraries, accessibility and a sense of community identified as key components.

The workshop brought together more than 100 students, architects, community groups, council staff, designers, landscapers, developers and others, to share their expertise and experience. In addition to a room buzzing with creative energy, the day was accompanied by a robust online conversation.

Participants listened to the NSW Government Architect, Infrastructure NSW, PLAN International, HASSEL Studio and Stockland present thought-provoking ideas on place-based planning and working together to create great places. Groups enthusiastically deliberated and brainstormed potential ideas relevant to the distinct urban landscapes across the three cities, then fine-tuned their proposed solutions, identifying roles the community, government and private sector would need to play to turn ideas into reality.


From here, the Commission will produce a report about the challenges and ideas identified during the event and the Government Architect’s Office will use the findings to inform their upcoming Urban Design Guide for Metropolitan Sydney.