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Community challenge - quality outcomes for better places video transcript

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  • Sarah Hill, CEO, Greater Sydney Commission
  • Representative from Plan International
  • Peter Poulet, Government Architect, Government Architect NSW
  • Heather Nesbitt, Social Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission
  • Rod Simpson, Environment Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission
  • Second Representative from Plan International

[Beginning of recorded material]

Sarah Hill: Now at the Greater Sydney Commission, we've been preparing a strategy for Greater Sydney, but for us it's not just about a strategy and doing more for our city it's about doing things better. About better quality outcomes, about great spaces, great places and making our city what we want it to be and being empowered to do that - so we're delighted to have you all here today and delighted to be sharing our ideas and your ideas together.


Representative from Plan International: Okay, well today I've really enjoyed like hearing from professionals in terms of what people do to incorporate different elements of design and like safety in terms of how women are being like listened to in City Planning and I think that what it's shown me is that like a youth voice is often missing from those consultations and I think that being here for us is particularly powerful because young women are being given a platform.


Peter Poulet: Well it's great having a group of people that are passionate about the issue, the topic, about getting good design and , good urban outcomes for our communities - and to have them all in the one place, wanting to get it right is fantastic. It's a real enthusiastic atmosphere in there.


Heather Nesbitt: It's not just all about government doing it, it's about everybody doing it - you know, that understanding that if we all get involved we can change and impact on how the city is growing and that's really, really important because I think a lot of people have felt in many cities feel disconnected from their city and we're you know I think they can't impact or influence change.

Rod Simpson: Yeah I mean it leads to a real openness and just a real diversity of ideas, but then I think there's common threads that come through as well which is what's so great about having a hundred people - and having that mix because it's there's a range of themes but it's sort of like - it's really a continuum.

Second Representative from Plan International: People who have different knowledge of different areas they come together and they all share ideas and I think that's really exciting