Innovation and collaboration set to power ANSTO’s future

14 May 2020
The Place Strategy for the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) Collaboration Area supports the vision for the Lucas Heights campus to mature into a globally recognised innovation precinct and a knowledge-intensive jobs hub for the South District. It builds on ANSTO’s purpose to drive Australian innovations through greater synergies between science and business.

Led by the Greater Sydney Commission in partnership with ANSTO, Sutherland Shire Council, Transport for NSW and representatives of the Aboriginal community, the Place Strategy considers ANSTO’s economic and innovation potential. It also recognises the importance of place-making characteristics, including public and active transport connections. Through shared objectives and agreed-upon actions, the Place Strategy provides a foundation for delivering a connected, vibrant and inclusive community of researchers, start-ups and industries.

ANSTO’s CEO, Dr Adi Paterson, said that the Strategy will further position both ANSTO and the Sutherland Shire more broadly as a leader in global innovation.

“ANSTO’s Lucas Heights campus will become the place where some of Australia’s best and brightest scientists, engineers and graduates connect with emerging industries and entrepreneurs to develop the new solutions that will support our economy and jobs growth into the future,” Dr Paterson said.

The Place Strategy aims to optimise ANSTO’s assets and work collaboratively with the many organisations involved in the precinct’s future to address complex problems, guide investment, and provide critical infrastructure and utilities. This place-based approach will guide ANSTO’s evolution into an innovation precinct that co-locates knowledge-intensive businesses with a reliable stream of Australian university graduates and scientific partners.

Read more about the ANSTO Place Strategy.

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