New planning model to help GPOP grow and thrive

07 Nov 2019
The Greater Sydney Commission released Australia’s first Place-based Infrastructure Compact (PIC), a new city shaping strategic planning model piloted in Greater Sydney’s fastest growing area, the Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula known as GPOP.

Created in collaboration with 20 NSW Government agencies, the PIC model shows how to sequence growth in housing and jobs with the delivery of infrastructure, getting the best value for the community. The model also clearly shows the full range of infrastructure that should be prioritised to create liveable, sustainable and loveable places.

The PIC model will guide the next 20 years of growth in the heart of the Central River City, delivering an integrated blue and green grid and bringing to life the Commission’s vision for a Metropolis of Three Cities.

Greater Sydney Commission Chief Commissioner, Lucy Turnbull AO said the Commission has received strong feedback that growth needs to be supported by infrastructure.

“We’ve heard loud and clear that communities want growth in jobs and housing to be supported by infrastructure. The PIC model is a game changer, empowering government with co-ordinated data and analysis so they can invest in the right infrastructure, in the right place at the right time.

“The result of piloting the model in GPOP is a plan for the entire region that shows which areas should be developed first, and which parts should only be developed once further infrastructure commitments have been made,” she said.

The PIC model has also used evidence to recommend the type of infrastructure that should be prioritised as the area grows.

The proposed infrastructure priority list looks at the needs of people working, living, studying and doing business in GPOP. The list includes parks, school upgrades, cycleways, water recycling and transport upgrades making GPOP greener, better connected, and more sustainable.

Ms Turnbull said a vital part of GPOP’s future economic success included maintaining a diversity of job types, and the PIC identified what infrastructure would be needed to support economic growth across GPOP.

 “As we rebalance jobs across Greater Sydney, the Commission believes with careful planning and investment the number of jobs in GPOP could rise from 150,000 to over 250,000 over the next 20 years. This means that the people who live in the Central and Western Cities will have better job opportunities in a range of industries without having to commute to the Eastern CBD” she said.

The Commission is seeking community and stakeholder feedback on the new PIC model, as well as the findings and proposed actions for GPOP until 18 December 2019. Feedback received will inform the Commission’s recommendations to the NSW Government.

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