A safe city for women is a safe city for all

Safety symposium
10 Dec 2019
The Commission is leading the development of a Charter to guide efforts by city-makers and government agencies to make Greater Sydney a safer place for girls and women.

The Charter, to be launched on International Women’s Day in March 2020, was announced this month at the Commission’s symposium, A City for People – Women and Safety in the City, attended by key representatives from government agencies, local councils, business, youth organisations and the not-for profit sector.

Nothing affects a woman’s ability to enjoy the city more than not feeling safe. Research indicates that feeling unsafe can cause women to quit jobs that require them to work late, stop socialising at night with friends and even limit their access to night classes and further education.

The Charter will aim to guide the planning of places and services across Greater Sydney that give priority to the safety of girls and women.  If it is safer for them, it will be safer for everyone.

A similar Charter, developed in London, has been successful in raising awareness of women’s safety issues and providing information about what positive steps can be taken to help improve safety in the city.

These steps can include better design of public spaces, education campaigns about what women can do when harassed, training workers on what to do when a woman reports harassment and encouraging reporting by victims or bystanders when harassment is experienced.

The Commission is keen to have interested members of the community join in in this work, alongside Plan International Australia, Transport for NSW and the Committee for Sydney.  If you would like to participate, email us at engagement@gsc.nsw.gov.au.

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