Tracking Greater Sydney's employment lands

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10 Dec 2019
The Commission has published a new database and accompanying report to assist government and industry plan for industrial and urban services land.

There are 295 industrial and urban services precincts across Greater Sydney and the new database dentifies more than 30 attributes for each of them - including links to freight networks, economic values such as rents and the mix of uses - to better understand their role, support their productivity and assist planning as Greater Sydney grows and changes.

The accompanying report provides insights into how the distribution and types of jobs are changing across Greater Sydney and also highlights the value of our industrial/employment lands.

The data and analysis complement the agency and industry working group established by the Commission to lead collaboration and gain a better understanding of how employment is changing across Greater Sydney. Members include the Committee for Sydney, Property Council of Australia (PCA), Planning Institute of Australia, Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) and key State agencies including the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and NSW Treasury.

The working group met recently to hear about initiatives that the UDIA and the PCA are undertaking to better understand the nature of employment across the Greater Sydney Region.

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