Global impacts

Globally, the pandemic requires a resilient health care sector, a rigorous testing and screening system, and the capacity to quickly and safely provide treatments and a possible vaccine. It also requires an economic response, with the global economy being dealt a blow likened to the Great Depression and World War Two.

Living with and recovering from the pandemic and its social and economic impacts will be challenging for nations around the world.

Our analysis focused on global cities that are comparable to Greater Sydney, including Greater London, Greater Toronto, the San Francisco Bay Area and the Berlin Region.

In general recovery is being recognised as having four overlapping stages: the health crisis with its necessary restrictions; a half-open city as the pandemic is managed; a post-pandemic recovery; and a new and more resilient normal. 

For example, larger global cities anticipate that the crisis will drive further digitisation of industry. This is already prompting more demand for remote and flexible working
arrangements in some sectors. This places further pressure on digital infrastructure capacity and disrupts office space demand, particularly in city centres.

We also found more demand for localised distribution networks, highlighting the importance of access to industrial land.