Implementing the District Plans

District plans are being implemented by councils across Greater Sydney through a process that will lead to updates of their Local Environmental Plans. At present the focus is on local strategic planning that addresses district plans as well as council Community Strategic Plans (see figure below).

The implementation process has three key parts:

  • Local strategic planning statements (LSPSs): Councils are developing LSPSs to set the 20-year vision for their local government area, including identifying the special character and values to be preserved and how change will be managed. The LSPS explains how council is implementing the planning priorities and actions in the relevant district plan in conjunction with their Community Strategic Plan.
  • Local housing strategies: District plans require councils to prepare local housing strategies to address housing needs. This work informs 6–10 year housing targets for each local government area.
  • Updates to local environmental plans (LEPs): LEPs provide the rules that guide local development and contain controls such as land use zoning and height. Councils are currently updating their LEPs to reflect the district plan and deliver the vision set out in their LSPSs.

A new LSPS assurance process led by the Commission has meant State agencies are working closely with councils to progress implementation. Assurance milestones have included:

  • LEP reviews: commenced in October 2018 when councils reported to the Commission on reviews to their LEPs against local circumstances and district plan priorities and actions. These reviews established the groundwork for the draft LSPSs.
  • Assurance and Agency Expo: the Commission hosted councils and State agencies in February 2019 to collaborate with councils as they commenced draft LSPSs.
  • LSPS health checks: in March-April 2019, councils were hosted by their district commissioner to gauge progress of draft LSPSs.
  • March 2020: 31 councils received letters of support for their LSPS (see the LSPS tracker).
An update on the status of District Action reporting for 2020 is provided on page 11 of the Progress Report (PDF 1.3MB). More detailed District Plan action reporting is being provided in Quarter 4 2020 as part of Pulse 2020. Pulse 2020 is currently being prepared to take into account city making implications of COVID-19.


Relationship of region, district and local planning in Greater Sydney

Relationship of region, district and local planning in Greater Sydney

Implementing the District Plans Progress 2018-2019

To provide an overview of the current implementation in each district, the following implementation reports document the status of councils’ implementation program and highlight district-specific programs and planning.

Each District Plan implementation report includes a snapshot of the performance indicators at a district level to highlight priorities that need to be addressed. Future reports will include details on the progress of specific district plan actions once LSPSs are finalised.

For more details on implementing the District Plans, download the relevant District below.

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