Live Online

Halvard Dalheim and Lucy Turnbull

What is Live Online?

Live Online is a series of interactive chats – a forum where you can ask senior members of the Commission questions relating to the work of the Commission, our Plans and discuss issues of liveability, productivity and sustainability. Each session can last up to an hour.

So far we have held Live Online sessions on Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit!

Who can participate?

Everyone is welcome to join the online chat. The only rules for participation are that offensive, belligerent or trolling remarks or questions will be deleted and those participants will be blocked.

Senior members of the Commission who will answer your questions may include Commissioners, CEO Sarah Hill, or senior policy and engagement staff.

When will they take place?

Our most recent sessions for 2017 were held on:

Wednesday 25 October, 6pm
Facebook: "What’s the vision for Greater Sydney?"
Tuesday 31 October, 6pm
Facebook: "How do we cool a hot city?"
Tuesday 14 November, 6pm
Facebook: "Uh, what is an Aerotropolis anyway?"
Tuesday 21 November, 6pm
Facebook: "What’s so good about a 30 minute city?"
Tuesday 28 November, 6pm
Facebook and Reddit: "What makes a place great?"
Tuesday 5 December, 6pm
Facebook and Reddit: "Yeah, we’re a growing city, but where’s the infrastructure?"

How can I get updates?

Keep an eye on this page and follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter for updates on future session times and themes.

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