Meet the Commissioners: Liz Dibbs video transcript


  • Liz Dibbs, Western City District Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission

[Beginning of recorded material]

Liz Dibbs: Hi I'm Liz Dibbs and I'm the Western City District Commissioner.

I've had a pretty varied background which has taken me across the legal and commercial world, to the not-for-profit and community space and most recently over the last five years as Deputy Chancellor at Western Sydney Univeristy. I'm really passionate about people, place-building, communities and making sure that we can all thrive in places that have great education, great services, great amenity and fantastic jobs after all we need to build places that we leave our children and that give our children the best opportunities. I'm really passionate about being part of that across Greater Sydney and in particular in the Western City.

That's a really hard question because you asked "what do I love the most?" There's just so much to love about the Western City District. The people, the communities, the multicultural and diverse vibrancy of Western Sydney is just fantastic. But beyond that and the metropolitan centres you've got the most natural beauty.We've got world heritage national parks, we've got rivers, we've got parklands with the most extraordinary open spaces. It's really an incredible district.

The Western City District is at a time of, in my view, unprecedented growth and investment. The foundations across the Western City District are already extraordinary with key centres, with great health and education precincts and many thriving businesses and SMEs and great communities as I said. But the really extraordinary opportunity for the Western City District is that by 2026 we will have the Western Sydney Airport that will link Western Sydney not only within Australia but internationally. And in addition to that we're building a 21st century city from the ground up in the Aerotropolis that's attracting multi-national companies in aerospace, defence, advanced manfacturing as well as universities to support the research that will supercharge those businesses and in addition, small and medium sized businesses, incubators, accelerators, and agri-tech opportunities with the Sydney Markets also taking space at the Aerotropolis. You can see the extraordinary opportunities that this will bring in building innovation precincts which will have a massive flow on effect and opportunity for the whole of the Western City District.