Meet the Commissioners: Peter Poulet video transcript


  • Peter Poulet, Central City District Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission

[Beginning of recorded material]

Peter Poulet: My name is Peter Poulet, I am the Central City District Commissioner.

I was the 23rd New South Wales Government Architect and I've joined the Commission from that role.

I love the Central City District because this is where the action is. Lots of things are happening, lots of change is occurring. I want to make sure I am part of that and I want to make sure that it happens in a good way a well designed way, an environmentally sustainable way in a way that respects the land and that nature that we've got here already. I also love the fact that there's deep rich history here from not only colonial times but from Aboriginal times and we don't want to lose sight as this District develops. In fact we should amplify it and make it a feature.

Design is a passion of mine, and utilising creative people, creative thinking, in our decision making. It's really important that their voices are heard they represent communities that are often unheard and so let's make sure that creatives are part of our conversation.

Oh the challenges in this District are the speed and pace of change. The fact there is so much development happening, we've go to make sure it's of a high quality, a high standard that really is appropriate for the people here. The communities expect that and deserve that.

I'm excited in this new role because I am able to connect people through new ideas, good ideas and give everyone a voice. The District Plans are done so let's get them implemented. Let's make sure that the future here is fantastic.