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Western Sydney PIC Program released

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The NSW Government has been given a powerful tool to manage growth in Western Sydney following the release of a Place-based Infrastructure Compact (PIC) with the Western Sydney International Airport and Aerotropolis at its heart, to support core strategic centres across the Western Parkland City and generate a range of new jobs for workers across the city.

Prepared by the Greater Sydney Commission, the PIC sets out what infrastructure is needed, what it will cost, what the priorities are and where and when it needs to be delivered.

GSC Chief Commissioner Geoff Roberts AM paid tribute to the team led by Executive Director of City Planning - Infrastructure Natalie Camilleri which has invested 18 months of thought and energy into the PIC project.

"With the PIC we can avoid the bad planning outcomes of the past and ensure the right development takes place in the right areas - backed by the infrastructure needed to make it work," Geoff said. 

"This is one of the most important pieces of work the GSC has done. We have been saying for years that infrastructure must arrive with the people. 

"The PIC gives the Government the tool to make this happen by locking in an agreed plan to make the visionary Western Parkland City. Safe roads, good public transport, permanent classrooms, regional parks and digital infrastructure need to be provided at the same time as jobs and homes."

The PIC is based on the expert input of more than 30 NSW Government agencies, utility and providers and local Councils - working together under the Western Sydney City Deal and the leadership of the GSC. 

The initial PIC spans 36,000 hectares across 28 precincts from Penrith to Eastern Creek and south to Leppington and Glenfield, with the Western Sydney International Airport and metro line at its heart.

"While this work calls out a massive amount of ongoing investment, it is absolutely needed in the Western Parkland City. This is fundamental to achieving our vision for a metropolis of three cities," said Western City District Commissioner Liz Dibbs.

"The GSC can be proud of the work it has done to support the quality of life for the people of Western Sydney, helping to rebalance opportunities so people have jobs close to home. The NSW and Australian Governments are well down the track to providing the initial infrastructure. 

"What the Commission's report does is outline what other investments are needed to make truly great places for the people that will live and work here, where they need to go and when they need to be delivered."

Visit the Western Sydney PIC Program webpage to read the report and provide feedback. 

Camden, Campbelltown, Liverpool and Fairfield have been identified as the next areas for which PICs should be prepared.