2020 Greater Sydney Planning Awards

Trophies and framed citations sitting on a table

We're happy to announce a date has been set for the Awards. The event will be held on Thursday 29 October. Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we have made the decision to host the event online. We will share more details about the event time, format, and ways to participate closer to the date. We look forward to celebrating with you!

The Greater Sydney Planning Awards acknowledge excellence in planning and recognise outstanding collaborative, innovative and bold initiatives that will deliver benefits to communities, economies and the environment.

Congratulations to all winners of the 2019 Planning Awards.

Key dates

Entries closed: Friday 14 August 2020

Awards ceremony: Thursday 29 October 2020

Award Categories

The seven 2020 award categories align with the Greater Sydney Commission’s key themes of:

  • Infrastructure and collaboration,
  • Liveability,
  • Productivity, and
  • Sustainability.

This year, the Commission is proud to introduce a new award category – Place-based collaboration.

Award 1 – Great community collaboration

Aim: To recognise a project that has shown exceptional collaboration with the community.

Criteria: Entrants are to provide an example of community engagement or a community-initiated project they managed and demonstrate:

  • How the community was actively involved;
  • How the community’s needs were reflected in the project and the community benefit that was delivered;
  • How the community engagement/collaboration enhanced liveability, productivity or sustainability;
  • Why the approach taken was successful.

Award 2 – Place-based collaboration

Aim: Awarded to local councils, state government agencies, or industry for exceptional collaborative approaches to planning and place-making.

Criteria: The nomination should demonstrate:

  • Collaborative approaches used to identify and reflect the needs of stakeholders;
  • How collaboration and relationship-building helped deliver quality planning outcomes;
  • How the approach demonstrated a place-based focus; and
  • How the approach challenged conventional approaches to planning/place-making.

Award 3 – Development supported by infrastructure

Aim: Awarded to a project or development that has integrated new or improved infrastructure and/or community services.

Criteria: Entrants are to provide one example of a project or development they managed and demonstrate:

  • How infrastructure/community service needs were identified efficiently and innovatively integrated into the project or development;
  • How the project or development demonstrated best practice in collaboration with government, industry or local community;
  • How the infrastructure/community services have improved physical and/or social connectivity;
  • How the infrastructure/community services delivered a benefit to the community.

Award 4 – Great new place to live and/or work

Aim: To recognise a residential, commercial or mixed-use development or area that creates a great place by putting people at the heart of planning, enhancing wellbeing and the social connections of residents and/or workers.

Criteria: Entrants are to provide one example of an innovative project they managed and demonstrate how one or more of the following was achieved:

  • A partnership between industry, government and the private sector;
  • Provision of affordable and diverse housing;
  • Provision of an innovative commercial hub;
  • Creation of an area such as a civic place or park;
  • Supports the development of a more accessible and walkable city;
  • Supports healthy and liveable communities;
  • Encourages social connections;
  • Demonstrates urban design excellence;
  • Provides lessons that can be applied to future projects.

Award 5 – Planning for jobs and skills

Aim: Awarded to a plan, strategy, project, piece of research or development that supports the 30-minute city by seeking to create the conditions that generate stronger local economic and employment opportunities.

Criteria: Entrants are to provide one example of a plan, strategy, project, piece of research or development that demonstrates how one or more of the following was achieved:

  • Supports the concept of the 30-minute city by enhancing productivity or competitiveness within a local area;
  • Encourages a greater diversity of jobs and/or employment growth within a local area;
  • Creates conditions that help foster economic innovation;
  • Has lessons that can be applied to other local areas;
  • If submitting a piece of research, demonstrate how the credibility of the research has been verified.

Award 6 – Great sustainability initiative

Aim: Awarded to a project, plan or piece of research which, through its implementation or focus, protects, promotes or enhances the environment.

Criteria: Entrants are to provide one example of a project, plan or piece of research which can be applied elsewhere and which demonstrates how one or more of the following was achieved:

  • Protects, restores or enhances landscapes (can include waterways, bushland and open space);
  • Supports an efficient city through innovative management of water, energy, resources and waste;
  • Builds more resilient communities by considering/addressing climate change, hazards and technological change;
  • Is an exemplary example of a sustainability initiative;
  • If submitting a piece of research, demonstrate how the credibility of the research has been verified.

Award 7 – Planning disruptor

Aim: Awarded for outstanding forward-thinking approaches to planning that disrupt traditional methodologies. Projects may be in the areas of:

  • New digital approaches to encourage good planning; and
  • New approaches to accessing and using data to improve planning outcomes or policies.

Criteria: The nomination should show how the project:

  • Supports the aims of the Greater Sydney Commission;
  • Demonstrates a forward-thinking, innovative approach;
  • Positively ‘disrupts’ traditional planning methodologies; and
  • Will benefit Greater Sydney.


Sponsorship Packages (PDF 83KB)

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship packages (listed above) are available for the 2020 Greater Sydney Planning Awards.

For more information on the Awards or sponsorship opportunities contact:
Lara Irwin or Phillip Brent

Phone: 02 8289 6200 Email: media@gsc.nsw.gov.au

Thank you to our 2019 sponsors:

  • Campbelltown City Council
  • Blacktown City Council
  • North Sydney Council