Western Sydney City Deal


On 4 March 2018, the Prime Minister, Premier of NSW and Mayors of Blue Mountains, Camden, Campbelltown, Fairfield, Hawkesbury, Liverpool, Penrith and Wollondilly Councils signed the Western Sydney City Deal.

The City Deal sets the investment foundation for the Western Parkland City to become a global city, enriched by its heritage and connected to the world.

Over the next 20 years the Western Sydney City Deal will drive the creation of the Western Parkland City.

The Western Sydney Airport and Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis will be catalysts for a strong economy to grow and the City will be one of the most connected places in Australia. People will be connected to the region’s metropolitan and strategic centres by an efficient public transport system, and to the rest of the country and world by the new Western Sydney Airport.

Global investment and innovation will thrive in the Badgerys Creek Aerotropolis. Smart jobs will spread out through the growing education, health and industry precincts and employment hubs in Liverpool, Penrith and Campbelltown. The region’s strategic centres – Richmond, Windsor, St Marys, Narellan, Katoomba, Fairfield and Leppington – will benefit from new jobs.

People will live close to skilled jobs and services, where they can enjoy the great outdoor lifestyle, open spaces and amenity long into the future.

This is Western Sydney’s time and the City Deal lays the foundation for its transformation and delivery of key elements of the Australian Government’s Smart Cities Plan, the Greater Sydney Commission’s Western City District Plan, and the Future Transport 2056 strategy.

Highlights of the Western Sydney City Deal include:

  • Realising the 30-minute city by delivering the North South Rail Link
  • Creating 200,000 jobs by supercharging the Aerotropolis and agribusiness precinct as catalysts
  • Skilling our residents in the region and initiating an Aerospace Institute
  • Respecting and building on local character through a $150 million Liveability Program
  • Coordination and innovation through a Planning Partnership
  • Getting on with delivering the Western Parkland City with enduring tri-level governance.

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The Greater Sydney Commission’s role

A clear, joined up and enduring governance arrangement will focus on delivering the Western Parkland City. This includes clear involvement of all tiers of government, involvement of local communities through their councils and a consistent and innovative relationship with industry.

The Greater Sydney Commission will have a role in the implementation of the Deal and the coordination of land use and infrastructure.

An Implementation Plan for the Western Sydney City Deal was published in December 2018. It can be viewed at the City Deals website.

Growth Infrastructure Compacts

The Greater Sydney Commission is leading on the commitment P5 – Growth Infrastructure Compacts for the NSW Government.

P5 - Growth Infrastructure Compacts


The NSW Government will establish Growth Infrastructure Compacts for the Western Parkland City. The compacts will coordinate planning and delivery of new jobs and housing supply and ensure that the required infrastructure is delivered as it is needed.

Key deliverables and milestones

2019–2020 – Growth Infrastructure Compacts developed


Led by the NSW Government, supported by Australian and local governments, in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Financial Commitments

$10 million from the NSW Government and $5 million from the Australian Government allocated to Growth Infrastructure Compacts and associated technical models (P7). Part of the Western Parkland City housing package

The Greater Sydney Commission is already working closely with the Western Sydney City Deal’s new Planning Partnership, involving local governments and NSW Government agencies.

The Planning Partnership is located at the Greater Sydney Commission’s offices.

To deliver the Growth Infrastructure Compacts the Greater Sydney Commission will establish working relationships with a wide range of partners, including the utility providers in the Western City.

A Fact Sheet is available on all Planning and Housing commitments under the Western Sydney City Deal is at the City Deals website.

Western Parkland City Liveability Program

The $150 million Western Parkland City Liveability Program is a key commitment under the City Deal and has been established with contributions of $60 million from both the Australian and NSW governments, and $30 million from the eight councils of the Western Parkland City.

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Western City & Aerotropolis Authority

On 14 November 2018, the NSW and Australian Governments jointly established the Western City & Aerotropolis Authority to facilitate the design and delivery of the Western Sydney Aerotropolis and support the growth of the Western Parkland City.

Established under the Western Sydney City Deal, which was signed by all three tiers of government in March 2018, the Authority will begin by designing and overseeing delivery of the metropolitan centre of the Aerotropolis, to be established on 114 hectares of Australian Government land at Bringelly.

Read the Ministers' media release - New Authority to bring Western Parkland City and Aerotropolis to life (PDF, 126 KB).

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