Message from the Chief Commissioner

Chief Commissioner Geoff Roberts

The Greater Sydney Region Plan – A Metropolis of Three Cities is a 20‐year plan with a 40‐year vision where everyone more equitably shares in the benefits of the growth and success of Greater Sydney as a liveable, productive and sustainable metropolis.

The Greater Sydney Commission believes that to effectively plan and manage our city it is essential to measure its progress. To start us on this journey we asked the people of Greater Sydney and our fellow government agencies to help us measure what matters.

The Citizens Panel told us they want quality outcomes: jobs closer to where they live, quality education facilities, walkable neighbourhoods with trees, great open space and convenient access to the services they need.

Four overarching indicators have been identified to track implementation of the Region Plan and the five supporting district plans. This is the beginning of regularly ‘taking the pulse’ of Greater Sydney. Over time, the indicators will be expanded as better ways to track progress become available.

This is the first time a metropolitan plan for Greater Sydney will be measured using performance indicators to bring the plan to life. Drawing on data from across government will enable the people of Greater Sydney to see and understand the changes taking place and hold those of us delivering the vision accountable for making progress.

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the development of these indicators – the Citizens Panel, councils, peak groups and industry representatives, together with State agencies – as we bring the plans to life.

The Greater Sydney Commission is committed to listening to, and collaborating with, the community to achieve our powerful vision for a metropolis of three cities with quality outcomes for everyone.


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