Western Sydney PIC Program Amendment Notes - Draft PIC Report

The full draft paper received the following updates on 24 November to correct production errors:

Page 15: Figure 6 – correction to axis to include dollars

Page 27: Remove duplicated sentence

Page 31: Figure 10 – correction to include Campbelltown metropolitan cluster

Page 33: Figure 11 – correction to Greater Macarthur Growth Area in legend

Page 45: Infographic – correction to crash statistic error

Page 53: Figure 53 – correction to graphic for improve legibility

Page 54: Figure 18 – correction to error on homes figure

Page 66: Correction of error from M7 to M12 motorway

Page 72: Correction of future rapid bus route

Page 84-85: Figure 31 – correction to map and legend

Page 112: Clarification to future metro timeframe

Page 118: Correction to labelling of measure M3